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  • หมวดหมู่ : KEYENCE
  • รหัสสินค้า : 006405

รายละเอียดสินค้า LV-N11P KEYENCE


Type 2 Output
Cable / Connector Cable
Cordless handset / base unit Base unit
Model PNP LV-N11P
Input and output Control output 2 Output
External input 1 input
Monitor output -
Response time (HIGH SPEED) / 250 μs (FINE) / 500 μs (TURBO) / 80μs 
1ms (SUPER) / 4ms (ULTRA) / 16 ms (MEGA) 
can not be selected when connecting ※ LV-S31/S62/S63 80μs
Output switching When the light is switched ON Dark-ON / when light enters
Timer function Timer OFF / OFF delay / ON-delay / one-shot 
timer variable time (1ms ~ 9999ms) 
for setting the maximum error is less than 10% ±
Control output PNP open collector 30V 
Residual voltage 1.2V or less (at less than 10mA output current) / 
(at 10 ~ 100mA output current) 2.2V or less 
(when used alone) 1 output up to 100mA or less, less than 100mA total output 2 
(when adding) 1 output 20mA or less per
External input time Input time 2ms ※ 1 more (ON) / 20ms (OFF)
Additional cordless handset Output Type 2 treats two minutes total of 17 units are connected but the base unit
Protection circuit Power reverse polarity protection, output over-current protection, power surge protection
Number of interference prevention LV-S31 
when connecting to non-
Units 0 HIGH SPEED, 
cars 2 FINE / TURBO / SUPER, ULTRA / MEGA ※ 8 four
when connected
Two units FINE, 
TURBO / SUPER / ULTRA / MEGA ※ eight four
Rating ※ 4 Supply Voltage (Including (ripple) DC10-30V operating voltage), 24V dc 
or LPS ※ 6 class2 (PP) 10% or less ripple
※ 5 power consumption ※ 2 ※ 7 (12V or less 60mA or less 33mA when when when 24V 30V) less than 950mW: normal 
(less than 52mA when less than 29mA when 24V when 12V 30V) less than 815mW ※ 2: Eco on time 
at Eco full: when less than 650mW (30V 40mA or less 24mA or less when 12V when 24V)
Resistance to environment Ambient temperature ※ 3 you (no freezing) to -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
Humidity I (non-condensing) 35 ~ 85% RH
Vibration resistance Time 2 1.5mm X double amplitude 10 ~ 55Hz, Y, and Z directions
Impact 500 meters / s 2 times 3 X, Y, and Z directions
Material Case Both the polycarbonate body, cover
Cable PVC
Case Dimensions H32.6mm × W9.8mm × L78.7mm