Control Builder AC500
Control Builder AC500
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Control Builder AC500
This package conforms to the IEC 61131-3 standard, offering all five programming languages. Other features include 
Configuration of the overall system including Fieldbuses and interfaces, extensive diagnostic functions, alarm handling, 
integrated visualization and open software interfaces. With PS501 V2 you have now an intuitive tool for 
configuration and programming of your whole AC500 system inclusive network and fieldbus configuration 

Conformity with IEC 61131-3 Standards 
Besides the suitable hardware, a high-performance, user-friendly and convenient engineering tool is indispensable for simple planning, programming, testing and commissioning of an automation application. AC500 Control Builder provides the following functionalities 

Five standardized programming languages: Function BlockDiagram (FBD), Instruction List (IL), Ladder Diagram (LD), Structured Text (ST), Sequential Function Chart (SFC) 
Free graphical function chart (CFC) 
Debugging functions for the program test 
Single step
Single cycle
Offline simulation 

IEC 61131-3 commands can be simulated without a PLC being connected, including the relevant malfunctions. After the program test, the application can be downloaded to the control system. 

Sampling trace
Timing diagrams for process variables and storage of data in a ring buffer with event trigger. 

Recipe management and watch lists
Values of selected variables are displayed. Pre-defined values can be assigned to variables which can then be downloaded to the control system all at once (“Write recipe”). 
Ongoing values from the control system can also be pre-assigned for reading into the Watch and Recipe Manager, and stored in memory there (“Read recipe). These functions are also helpfu 
for example, for setting and entering control parameters.

Includes color change, moving elements, bitmaps, text display, allows input of setpoint values and display of process variables read from the PLC, 
dynamic bar diagrams, alarm and event management, function keys and ActiveX elements. 

Engineering interface 
Provides access from the programming system to an external project database in which the program source code of one or several automation projects is managed. Optionally, a version control system, such as Visual Source Safe, can be used in order to ensure data consistency of the program code for several different users and projects. 
Comprehensive libraries. 
Windows 32-bit standard. 
Operating systems Windows NT, 2000 and XP.



Programming package PS501 Control Builder AC500 all AC500 CPUs


License for runtime visualization package.


License enabling package for PC applet for WEBserver visualization Motion control library


single license


multiple license

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