ONL-3750S-LCD 3750VA
ONL-3750S-LCD 3750VA
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ONL-3750S-LCD 3750VA ราคา 74400 บาท

True on-line double conversion design UPS

Fully Digitized Microprocessor Controlled

Input Voltage 220 Vac +/- 25% (Single-phase) and 380/400/415Vac +/- 25% (Three-phase)

Output Voltage 220 Vac +/- 1% (Single-phase) and 380/400/415Vac +/- 1% (Three-phase)

Output waveform of the Inverter to Pure Sine Wave

Battery back up 10-30 minutes (depending on the peripherals)

Advance Battery Management : ABM System for High performance Battery

Can Recharge battery without to Turn on and can Turn On power without AC INPUT (DC Power On)

Can increase backup time with external battery power up (Options)

LED Display : UPS On, On-line, battery mode, bypass mode & alarm

Active protection and Overload System (Overload, Short circuit, Surge and Spike Protection)

Emergency power off

High efficiency mode

Compatible RS232, USB PORT for computer connection with UPSMON Plus to monitoring and control UPS

Compatible SNMP Card to facilitate the operation of the UPS via Network