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รายละเอียดสินค้า PROMAX EA-815

PROMAX EA-815 ราคาพิเศษโปรดติดต่อ 081-6221075


The EA-815 Universal Antenna trainer for MATV (Master Antenna Television), SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) and CATV (Cable Television) system is designed for study and training on installations. 

The main purpose of the EA-815is to enable the student to calculate, install, configure, adjust, alter, analyze and localize breakdowns in distribution networks using:

  • Terrestrial television (MATV)
  • Analog and digital satellite television (SMATV)
  • Cable television (CATV)

The EA-815 trainer offers a flexibility which enables an endless number of real MATV, SMATV (Analog and digital) and CATV installations to be reproduced. It is possible to recreate the more common breakdowns and problems the student will come across on the field. It allows him furthermore to test and compare the efficiency of the different solutions available to him.

The student will be able to familiarize himself with the professional equipment used in real installations and advanced instruments.

The work book presents practical exercises designed to facilitate the learning process. The proposed exercises have the aim of calculating and performing measurements on different types of installations and localizing the more common problems which the student will come across in future installations.

The trainer components are laid out on an erasable board, which allows the teacher to draw the configuration of the reception, amplification and distribution system the student has to set up. This diagram will be used by the student as a guide and from it he can easily assemble the installation.

The white board may be used as a note pad by the student to write down the measurements taken beside each component when analyzing an installation or trying to localize a breakdown, so that he can immediately determine the attenuation of the each section of the installation.